Note from the chief executive

December 2018

It’s been two years since I became your chief executive and I’ve been reflecting on our journey and I’m proud of what we’ve achieved. We had no idea then where it would take us and we’ve learned so much.
We’ve tackled taboos and started conversations that matter throughout our global hubs. From discussing mental health in Dubai and sexual harassment in New York, to marketing leaders exposing their uncomfortable secrets in London at last month’s Braver Conference – it’s been an extraordinary time.

Brave means different things to different people but the constant is going outside your comfort zone - whether it’s climbing mountains, or being the lone voice in the room, putting yourself out there and realising it’s OK to not be OK.
Which is why we recently launched our Bravometer, a simple but psychologically insightful test that I urge you all to take. As the ‘Myers-Briggs’ of bravery, it helps you understand what type of brave you are which will help lead to better results in work and in life.
2019 is our 60th birthday and it felt like the right time for a fresh new look for the Society to reflect our growing and influential global community. We’re really excited by it and hope you are too - but more about that in the new year… 

We've also made some important changes to our Awards which will now be known as The Brave Awards.
In line with our agenda, we’ll be rewarding the teams behind campaigns that demonstrated not only marketing excellence but also those that pushed boundaries or made an impact in business or society in general. We’ve streamlined the categories from 24 to 14 and you can find out more and enter via our website.
This is my last note of the year and I’m delighted to say our 2019 programme is shaping up nicely. It will be our bravest yet giving you even more opportunities to connect, share and learn from each other because together we are stronger and together we can make change. 
So until then, we wish you all a wonderful festive season and a brilliant and courageous 2019. 

Very best

Gemma Greaves
Chief Executive
The Marketing Society