Interview with Yaron Jacobs

Yaron Jacobs interview

This week we meet the Chief Commercial Officer at Lan Kwai Fong Group.

What’s your golden rule?

A problem can’t be solved by the same thinking that caused it.

How can marketers be braver?

Great marketing is not just about promoting the features of a product, it is about adding value to the product by bestowing it with a brand - an identity of meanings and feelings.

When considering a bold marketing initiative one has to think about whether this initiative adds value to the consumer’s interaction with the brand.

If it does, one should not be afraid to take the risk.

What is your most hated business expression?

Extended Brief – it’s an oxymoron.

What's the biggest risk you've taken in your career?

When I left my position as CEO of a global broadcaster to start my own business in the ad-tech field.

At that time, I was working out of Israel – one of the most vibrant start-up and tech eco-systems in the world. I got in touch with ultra-advanced technologies, amazing entrepreneurs and thought leaders and learned to understand the technological intricacies of the digital media and advertising space from the inside.

It was also a great hands-on experience of implementing and progressing with consistent innovation. This know-how is one of the most sought-after insights by our clients today.

Which leader do you most admire and why?

The kind of leader who understands that leadership is something that is earned by merit and not bestowed by rank; Who understands that great leadership is as more about guiding and serving your team than about giving instructions; The leader who believes that everything is possible instills a willingness in the team to go for it.

What’s your favourite word?

 Do – because sometimes actions speak louder than words.

Tell us a secret

It is only impossible until you do it.

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