Do we really care?

Do we really care?

'Life is not about managing your time but managing your energy' and it’s abundantly clear where Pauls’ energy lies. He has made it his life mission to fight for people in our society and communities who are left behind. We hear about purpose in business all the time now but never before as succinctly decoded as an evidence based enduring pillar for growth.

It was really insightful to hear about Paul’s personal brand of leadership and his perspective that there is a shortage of leaders today that show true and genuine courage - whether that is in taking the longer term approach to driving sustainable growth or bringing more humanity into the agenda and resulting decisions made in the C-Suite.

A simple question but audacious challenge was given to all of us 'Do we really care?' This was a segue into the introduction of the awesome and wonderfully inspiring Caroline Casey and her ground breaking movement the Valuable 500. This holistic initiative and approach aims to once and for all blow the doors off disability inclusion. We know the direction we need to take. We are just not getting there fast enough. Caroline spoke with such a raw passion that was uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in the sense that you know everything she said was true- if leaders don’t stand for this, it just won’t get done. 'Do we really care?'

Now is the time to stand up and be counted  in both a personal and professional capacity, push and redefine boundaries and make a genuine difference to people’s lives.

By Jennifer Power, Senior Media & Marketing Manager at McDonald's