Delivery of innovation with purpose

Benefits of sustainable solutions for clients

HH Global announced that Kevin Dunckley, HH Global’s Chief Digital and Innovation OfficerHSBC's Jonathan Drew and Hassell Studio's Slavica Habjanovic as speakers at The Marketing Society's Being Brave About Sustainable Innovation event held in Hong Kong on 26 February.

The Marketing Society is an exclusive global network of 3,000 senior marketers who support the development of leading-edge thinking and promote the evidence and best practice of effective marketing.

The benefits of providing innovative sustainable solutions for clients contributes effectively to the preservation of the planet, social development, global economic growth, and helps to achieve our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,” said Kevin Dunckley. “Our Innovation with Purpose strategy drives collaboration and increases the value of tenable marketing whilst achieving cost savings and return on investment.”

Dunckley concluded his keynote with case studies showcasing the impact of HH Global’s unique program for global brands, and the benefits to their business of aligning marketing activities with their sustainability strategies.

Written by Mark Tiedens, Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at HH Global and first appeared here


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