"Braver is..." - London Braver Conference 2018

"Braver is..."

Braver is risking all to protect your Tutsi teammate during the Rwandan genocide.

Braver is, in the aftermath of genocide, “learning to forgive, to love your neighbour, to love each other.

Braver is fucking-up live on The Apprentice.

Braver is riding an Elephant through India, being an archaeologist and sailing. All whilst blind.

Braver is also “getting over yourself” and saying for the first time, “I’m blind.”

Braver is asking the shop assistant for help, even if you’ve already said, “I don’t need any help.

Braver is encouraging play like at Lego, “because when you forget about being afraid, you experiment.”

Braver is “not in your job description. It’s in your mind. It’s in your heart.

Braver is your score in this Brave-o-meter.

Braver is rushing towards the violence that so many run away from.

Braver is getting rid of hierarchy - “the sludge which disempowers people who could make a difference.

Braver is, for some, choosing to Take 90 when seeing red.

Braver is quitting your amazing job in film to become part of a small, farmer-led chocolate business.

Braver is growing that business without caving to Kraft, keeping Ghanaian farmers in charge.

Braver is doing the right thing for the planet, even if your customers won’t notice.

Braver is creating togetherness…

Braver is accepting this might be achieved through a team riding on inflatable unicorns.

Braver is not always trying to be the most liked person. “Leaders sometimes have to stand alone.”

Braver is reading your mistakes aloud to over 300 people.

Braver is setting 5% of your budget for “failure and experimentation.

Braver is something that “doesn’t feel brilliant or brave when you’re doing it.”

Braver is Mrs Cook. Or that supportive teacher who gave you courage.

Braver is “not about you. It’s about the affect your bravery has on others.”

Braver isn’t GRRR! It’s vulnerability.

Braver is being yourself.

Braver is a conference that happened in Dubai, New York, London and Hong Kong.

Braver is, as a marketing leader, what you’ll do next.

Braver is


These quotations, stories and anecdotes can be attributed to the fantastic speakers at the Braver event in London. You can find the list of speakers here.

This event review was written by Bert Preece, copywriter and Head of Words at PKF Cooper Parry.