Brave Leaders discussing business growth

Discussing business growth

One of the things I love most about being Chair of The Marketing Society SEA is the ability to be part of an intimate conversation between influential leaders. Hearing the challenges and opportunities across a mixture of industries – from gas, to finance, FMCG to tech – the ability to learn from like-minded peers continuously inspires and educates me.

In February 2019, the Society hosted an exclusive dinner in partnership with Accenture, revealing a sneak peek preview of their new global CMO research. We brought together 22 of Singapore’s most inspiring leaders to have an open conversation about how CMOs can continue to drive growth within their organisations, in an ever-changing world, with an ever-changing remit for the top marketer.

The relaxed and informal evening was kicked off with introductions around the table as each attendee shared what career they would have wanted if they weren’t a marketer. From astronauts, to air hostesses, rock gods, to DJs we got to learn a little secret about everyone which set the mood perfectly.

The event was part of a global series that offered the chance for members and guests to have an open and honest conversation with each other and to learn how different businesses are tackling challenges. With the event under the Chatham House Rule I can’t share what was said but can round up some of my key learnings from the discussion:

  • Unconfident CEOs
    CEOs continue to see the role of the CMO as more short-term growth driven, but very few CEOs have the confidence in their CMO to make it happen.
  • Speak the CEOs language
    CMOs must learn the language and key business objectives of the board to get their vision across. We have to remove marketing jargon from the conversation with the c-suite and think about short term results, while driving long term brand building.
  • Keep disrupting

CMOs need to get out of their comfort zone. We have to constantly push boundaries with what we do, be brave, take risks and be disruptive while bringing a seamless customer experience. Those who aren’t disrupting and innovating will get eaten up quickly, especially in APAC.

The full Growth Drivers research is now available to view in full.

By Erica Kerner, Southeast Asia Chair at The Marketing Society

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