20 things we learned at Advertising Week Europe 2016

Advertising Week 2016: things we learned
  1. The best leaders have doubts and fears but they park them and get on with getting 'up to something'. Steve Radcliffe, leadership coach
  2. On mental health and stress: The quality of your relationships around you has a bigger impact on your mental health than stopping smoking.
  3. 'All business is personal. You negotiate with people not companies. Build trust not rapport. Rapport is nonsense.' Dick Mullender, former Scotland Yard hostage negotiator
  4. 'You don't have to have the answer as a leader. Talk things through with your teams. Ask good questions.' Steve Radcliffe, leadership coach
  5. 'Believe in the purity of your idea. Keep focused. Most of what I write (and do) is failure.' Abi Morgan, screenwriter
  6. On mental health and stress: When you go into a room do you put pressure into the room or take pressure out of the room?
  7. 'In our industry people don't look backwards to go forwards. It concerns me.' Sir John Hegarty
  8. 'In operator/manager mode it's about what you understand. In leader mode it's about what you're aware of.' Steve Radcliffe, leadership coach
  9. On how to sell great work: 'Convince the person you're selling to you're solving their problem not your problem.' Sir John Hegarty
  10. On passion: 'If you love something hang onto it for grim death. And keep buggering on.' Alex James, musician
  11. 'The ability all high performing teams have in common is the ability to brief and debrief. To learn what's worked or not.' Leadership learnings from the All Blacks
  12. 'Storytelling is a live thing. You have to recalibrate it all the time. Every single person is your audience.' Abi Morgan, screenwriter
  13. 'Appealing to the subconscious is crucial in branding. We can't make decisions without referring to our emotional memory.' Sam Crowther, Bauer Media, on the power of sound
  14. 'Creativity is an expression of self, of who you are. Great creatives are outsiders. They look and observe.' Sir John Hegarty
  15. On her work approach: 'It's important to be nice. It costs nothing to be kind. I enjoy spreading love and joy.' Daisy Lowe, model
  16. 'Blur's most successful song - Song 2 - took 15 minutes to write messing around. 90 per cent of success is turning up.' Alex James, musician
  17. 'What would you tell your younger self? 'If it's too good to be true then it probably is. Trust your gut.' David Haye, boxer
  18. 'You have to be optimistic to survive. Tough is the new normal.' Sir Martin Sorrell
  19. 'The artist is the voice that doesn't have to be managed. The one that's allowed to trip itself up.' Abi Morgan, screenwriter
  20. On mental health and stress: Elite performers need about 30 per cent adrenalin and resting the rest of the time. Right now we're more the opposite.