10 things we learned at Advertising Week Europe 2018

10 things at AWEurope

We learned lots this year during the week. Here are some of our favourite quotes from a brilliant cast of inspiring speakers.

  1. Advice to young women: ‘Listen to that inner voice. Find a passion and pursue it. Don’t get lost in hype that has no substance.' Nicole Scherzinger, singer and TV personality
  2. ‘There is a mounting body of evidence that bots financed by Russia influenced the US election. The Guardian, in particular, has done some fantastic investigative journalism. The free press is more important than ever.' Margot James MP, minister for digital and the creative industries
  3. ‘Try to do something that no one else is doing. And keep your scripts simple. Ninety per cent are overwritten. Great ideas are simple.’ Filmmaker Sir Alan Parker’s advice for those getting into advertising
  4. ‘My role now is to get to the things that, in my previous job, I wouldn’t have told you. One thing that’s surprised my former political colleagues is how tough I’ve been on them.’ George Osborne, editor of the Evening Standard
  5. ‘Do stuff that fits with people’s presumptions and get promoted. Do something outside their model of thinking and you’re in the get fired zone. Distinctiveness CAN pay off. But if it fails, it fails massively.' Rory Sutherland, vice-chairman Ogilvy & Mather Group
  6. 'With Baby Driver I really had to sell the sound as being as important as the words on the page. It was difficult to get people to understand what I was creating.’ Edgar Wright, writer and director
  7. On mental health in teams at work: ‘If people don’t feel confident to have conversations with colleagues then the vicious cycle continues. The fear of getting it wrong as a leader is also emotionally draining.’ Rachel Eyre, head of marketing propositions at Sainsbury's
  8. ‘Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a great battle. That also applies to you. Part of what inhibits us is thinking we’re going to make it worse.’ Mark Evans, marketing director at Direct Line Group
  9. ‘I have a Yay Me folder. So if I’m having a bad day I’ll go and look at it to remember what I’ve achieved.' Nishma Robb, marketing director at Google UK
  10. ‘For years I’ve had insomnia, which is triggered by stress at work. Achieving perspective during the day and meditation is a big thing for me. Thinking about myself causes the most stress.’ Josh Krichefski, CEO of MediaCom UK