Three tips for brave decision-making

Three tips: decision-making

At a recent Marketing Society event Syl Saller, the CMO of Diageo and Craig Inglis, Customer Director at John Lewis, discussed the concept of bravery in the workplace.

One of the attendees, Chris Thompson, Director of Innovation at FreshMinds, shares three things he took away from the event about how you can be braver in your decisions at work.

1. Being bold doesn’t get you fired
Syl reminded us that no one is made to leave their job because they tried something new, or made a brave decision that didn’t work out. It’s those that make the big calls that leave an impact on their organisations and are truly successful.

2. Choose an agency that challenges you
Craig emphasised that it can take a lot of bravery to have an argument. And that having an argument isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Bring everyone’s ideas together (both those of your team and your agency) and encourage positive, constructive and most importantly, honest feedback.

3. Go back to the customer
Craig highlighted the critical importance of the customer in decision-making. Sometimes there are just too many voices in the room, which can overcloud the fundamental truths. In moments like these, remember to go back to customer, to get that foundational insight you need to make those brave decisions.

We hope you enjoyed the video and that it has inspired you to make some brave decisions yourself.