Reeve Kwan

Co-Founder, GOGOVAN

Reeve Kwan is the Co-Founder of GOGOVAN. In this role, Reeve oversees various functions in
Hong Kong including strategic planning, daily operations, business development and customer
relations. Reeve also assists in developing new products and expanding new businesses for the
company. In addition to optimizing the existing products, Reeve has successfully promoted
“GOGO Business”, contributing to a promising growth of GOGOVAN in B2B area.
Prior to shifting his focus on the Hong Kong operations, Reeve expanded the business of
GOGOVAN to five regions outside of Hong Kong, turning the company into a regional delivery

Graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2010, Reeve was named one of the
“30 Under 30 Asia: Manufacturing & Energy” by Forbes Magazine. He was also bestowed
Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Sing Tao Group’s “2017 Leader of the Year” award.

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