Rebecca Dibb-Simkin

CMO, Octopus Energy

Rebecca joined energy technology group Octopus Energy as Chief Product & Marketing Officer (CPMO) six years ago. Her job spans everything from developing, producing and manufacturing Octopus’ first piece of proprietary hardware, the Octopus Home Mini, to leading on marketing and communications campaigns across 18 countries and 5 continents.

Prior to Octopus, Rebecca was a head of product at Centrica-funded Hive, taking it from a kickabout start-up to the leading smart home provider in the UK. She graduated from the Ogilvy Group Graduate Fellowship scheme, and holds a Bachelor's degree from Nottingham University Business School.

This session aims to explore the significance of differentiation and distinctiveness in carving out a unique space in the market
Hear from the CEO and CMO of one of 2020's most successful challenger brands.