Norman Guadagno

CMO, Acoustic

Your customers want more from you. Better experiences. More relevant marketing. Deeper engagement. At Acoustic, we are delivering technology that helps businesses grow. From campaign automation to customer experience analytics and insights, we help marketing, IT, and digital leaders reimagine everything. 

At Acoustic, as the first CMO, I am responsible for creating the marketing organization, building the company brand, being a member of the executive team, helping customers succeed, and driving company growth. As a unique "carve out" transformation, Acoustic embodies the challenges many companies face in the 21st century: appropriately leave behind legacy as we build for the future, implement a full digital infrastructure to support growth, effectively partner with others building an ecosystem of value for everyone, create a culture representative of our global employees, meet the financial demands of our stakeholders in an unpredictable economy, and build teams that collaborate to win.

To ensure that empathy and connection remain at the core of every communication in today's contactless world, marketers must avoid