headshot; Ebru (permission given)

Ebru Tuygun

Ebru is the Managing Director of GVGL - Good Vibes Good Life - Global Marketing Management company, which is dedicated to bringing brand purposes to life in the Middle East and beyond together with its global Advisory Board members from Asia, Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia spanning experiences in global firms like Salesforce, BCG, SAP, Google, Schneider Electric, IBM, Vodafone, Accenture and Siemens to name few.

Ebru has around 20 years of marketing leadership experience in consulting companies like Deloitte and Accenture covering Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. She led various global signature projects like B20, World Economic Forum, Expo 2020 Dubai, and was awarded among Middle East' top CMOs, and Most Inspirational Women Leaders by various prestigious organizations. Ebru is specialized in developing and implementing marketing growth strategy, creating Employer Branding, developing Sustainability, Inclusion and Diversity programs.

She studied political science and international relations in Bogazici University, completed Management and Leadership programs in Harvard Business School. She was selected for the 'High Potential Women Leaders' Program of Stanford University Executive Education. Ebru had the opportunity to attend Cannes Lions CMO Accelerator Program together with leading CMOs and Creative Minds.

Ebru acts as the Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of IWBD - International Women Board of Directors, and serves in the board of the Marketing Society. She is passionate about growing next generation women leaders, and delivers speech about how to position women leaders in the boardrooms in various global leadership summits.