Nominate your Marketing Leader of the Year 2022

Who inspires you?

Cast your vote for The Marketing Society’s prestigious Marketing Leader of the Year award, sponsored by MediaLink, supported by Campaign.

We're on the look for the most inspirational and influential leader in our industry right now.

We’re serious about supporting marketing leaders that inspire other leaders, and want to recognise the impact they have on their team, brand, industry and society at large.

“Great leadership matters in business. We want to celebrate those who inspire others, the changemakers and the risktakers, those you think are brave, bold and brilliant at what they do. We need your nominations! It’s quick and easy to share your thoughts. We’d love your help.”
Sophie Devonshire, CEO, The Marketing Society

“Not all talent is equal and MediaLink is honoured, in partnership with The Marketing Society, to continue to seek to identify and recognise the exceptional marketing leaders who leave an inspiring and positive imprint on both their sector, their brands and their people. Those who raise the standard for excellence and those building a legacy for others.”
Kathleen Saxton, MD EMEA & Global Leader Talent Advisory, MediaLink 

The Criteria

The following criteria must be addressed in your case study this is what the judges will mark against:

LEADERSHIP (max 20 points)
• Can clearly demonstrate consistent leadership skills
• Shows natural leadership ability

• Has the ability to quickly identify both issues and solutions - weigh up risks and make strategic decisions
• Consistently explores new approaches and creative thinking to find new solutions and approaches

POSITIVE IMPACT (max 20 points)
• Leaves a positive impression, is credible, inclusive, engaging and motivates those around them
• Is an individual who understands how to make big things happen and how to make sure that marketing as an industry has a positive impact

COMMUNICATION (max 20 points)
• Articulate, fluent and clear in their communication style
• Is inclusive of those around them able to give and take on board feedback

AMBITION (max 20 points)
• Consistently exceeds targets & has clear goals and ambitions
• Wants to be an advocate for marketing as a changemaker in business

Help us recognise and reward brilliant leadership 

Submit your nominations before our deadline closes on Wednesday 11 May.



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