Michele McGrath

Managing Director and Co-CEO (Brand Learning)

Michele is Managing Director of Accenture and Co-CEO of Brand Learning, now part of Accenture. In her current role, Michele leads Client Engagement for Accenture Interactive UK&I, the Marketing Advisory Practice in UKI and co-leads Brand Learning globally.
Previously Michele's career spans over 30 years in marketing and consultancy, having worked for 10 years at Colgate Palmolive, 6 years at PepsiCo and then 18 years with Brand Learning. In 2017, Michele co-led the successful acquisition and integration of Brand Learning into Accenture.
Michele has worked in London, Brussels, Rome and New York and has supported leading the transformation of global businesses to deliver marketing, sales and customer-oriented growth across the globe.
Michele has worked extensively with the Marketing Society, having run the highly acclaimed Marketing Leaders Programme for 5 years. She has also worked with the Marketing Academy as a partner and mentor since its creation.
Michele cherishes her Irish roots. She is happily married and has two children, both at university. She loves sport and a challenge.

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