Morag MacDonald

Speaker Q&A with Morag MacDonald

Team Captain for the Agencies at the Client vs Agencies Creative Challenge 2024

Can you tell us a little about what your day to day looks like at Weber Shandwick?

I’m in the creative team, so I’m usually coming up with ideas for new business or campaign briefs. I also work really closely with the strategy team, and create a weekly trends & insights report that goes out to our global offices and clients. In it, we identify and track cultural moments and consumer behaviours to underpin our ideas. It’s huge fun but also means I’m chronically online.  

As team captain, how are you going to motivate and inspire your team (hopefully to victory!) at the Creative Challenge?

Have fun with the process! Our industry can take itself really seriously, so I think it’s important to take a step back and remember why we chose to work in the creative industry in the first place. If we’re having fun, hopefully the audience will too!

Our theme for Amplify this year is ‘marketing for good’ what does this mean to you?

Going beyond lip service and delivering work that solves actual problems and isn’t just created to win awards. If it doesn’t do that, what’s the point?

Tell us about a career highlight for you.

Probably getting to the final of the 2023 UK Young PR Lions competition – equal parts terrifying and amazing.

What keeps you inspired, in your personal and professional life?

I’m a huge fan of outdoor therapy. If I’ve had a hard week or am suffering from creative block, I head to the nearest hill, beach or park with my Romanian rescue dog. Seeing her unbound joy helps me loosen up! Professionally, I’m an avid subscriber of Substacks that curate the best of internet culture. My favourites are After School and Weak Signals, which usually have fun nuggets of inspiration for ideas. 

You mentioned you have a particular passion for food and drink. Can you share any recent brand campaigns in this area that have made a lasting impression on you?

I thought Heineken’s Bar Experience campaign was so clever. Oh, and its Pub Museums campaign too!



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