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Member Interview With Shereen Aggour

We are delighted to bring you a Member Interview with Shereen Aggour, Brand Growth Strategist.


What’s your golden rule?

To invest my all! To express dedication and commitment to my client's business as if it were your own.


Who has been your biggest influence?

My dad! I grew up to see first-hand how to be resilient, committed, dedicated, honest and compassionate.


What is your most hated business expression?

Growth Hacker


What’s the smartest business idea you’ve ever had?

Back when I was still in corporate, we were asked by top management to find ways of increasing the ARPU; OTT was still a very new and niche service at that point so what I did was I created a new bundle of voice data and OTT so that clients would migrate from lower to higher speeds and it worked like a charm!


Which leader do you admire most and why?

Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand for her empathetic and compassionate approach to leadership.


What keeps you up at night as a marketing leader?

Ideas:) The minute I go to bed I start getting a flood of creative ideas for a brand or a campaign and I always have to jot them down immediately, otherwise, I forget!


Why is being part of TMS important for your career?

Networking, connections, knowledge


Why does marketing matter to you?

Witnessing a success story is great, but being an integral part of that story is incredibly fulfilling. I am firmly convinced that marketing, when done right, is one of the main enablers for a business to thrive and grow.


Tell us something that’s not on your CV

CVs list our successes but they fail to capture the essence of our journey— the challenges, the blend of positive and negative experiences, and the sheer hard work that paved the way to each accomplishment. Behind every achievement on my resume there was a lot of lessons learned, obstacles overcome, and personal growth. Having to go through these plus being a mom to three boys and a wife is a testament to my resilience and perseverance, which helped me and still do, to navigate the complexities of my career.


Published on 3 May 2024


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