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Member Interview with Sabina Jasinska

We are delighted to bring you a Member Interview with Sabina Jasinska, Chief Growth Officer at Codec AI.


What’s your golden rule?

My life motto is: "At the end, everyone wants to have fun". As customers, colleagues and employees we all seek entertainment in everything we do. No matter your industry, B2B or B2C, if you can provide some fun to your clients and team members, you win.


Who has been your biggest influence?

My biggest influence has been my ex-manager, Christophe Djaouani, President of Toppan Digital Language, with whom I worked at RR Donnelley as the Global Marketing Director on the SLT team. Under his leadership, we experienced remarkable growth: in just a few years, our revenue increased from $6 million to $130 million, we expanded from 5 locations to 30 (I opened 14 of them in just one year), our team grew from 50 to 350 people, and we transformed from a small player in a very competitive market to the leading translation technology and services company in the world.


What is your most hated business expression?

"Cutting costs". It never drives nor protects the long-term sales; it only rearranges the deck chairs on the Titanic.


What’s the smartest business idea you’ve ever had?

As a marketer and former attorney, I specialise in leveraging regulations to drive growth. I am grateful to the 800 regulators around the world who provide us with the necessary framework to pursue new business opportunities, from KIID and GDPR to PRIIPs and MiFID. My first project in this space focused on developing a solution for asset management firms to facilitate their transition from simplified prospectuses to Key Investor Information Documents in 2012. Thanks to our proactive campaign, we were able to capture 75% of the financial market in the EU, propelling our subsequent growth.


Which leader do you admire most and why?

Being deeply engaged in Polish politics, I consider Donald Tusk, our prime minister, to be the unequivocal leader. He is guiding Poland back towards the EU and democracy after 8 years under a right-wing populist regime. What I admire most about him is his ability to prioritise crucial issues that effectively steer our country towards financial growth and security, especially in this election year marked by two nearby wars, where he must make tough decisions.


What keeps you up at night as a marketing leader?

The need to be efficient and speedy on a shoestring budget that requires the use of the most creative guerrilla marketing tactics.


Why is being part of TMS important for your career?

Joining TMS was one of the best decisions we made - the exposure, learning, and networking opportunities are unparalleled; my team absolutely loves it and takes advantage of the benefits it offers every day. On a personal level, I've been able to connect and make friends with marketers from various industries through both virtual and in-person events, learn from each webinar, and feel inspired to achieve more. I absolutely love the entire TMS team, including Sophie Devonshire and our account manager, Anna Barber, and I can't express enough gratitude for their support.


Why does marketing matter to you?

Using your creativity and ingenuity every day!


Tell us something that’s not on your CV


I'm a big theatre fan - I go to the theatre at least twice a week, no matter where I am. My love for theatre led me to attend the Cours Florent in Paris, take a puppetry course at the Little Angel Theatre in London, play in the Théâtre français in Rome - not because I have talent, but because I want to feel and experience it from the inside out.


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Published on 15 May 2024


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