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Member Interview with David Bekhazi

We are delighted to bring you a Member Interview with David Bekhazi, Regional Creative Director at House Of Comms. Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 


What’s your golden rule?

At work: First Concept. Then Design. In life: Less Talking. More Listening.


Who has been your biggest influence?

As an artist, Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh's profound impact on art stems from his unique artistic style, emotional intensity, and innovative techniques. Through vibrant colours, bold brushstrokes, and expressive compositions, he captured the essence of human emotion and nature. Van Gogh's ability to convey raw emotions and depict the world in a subjective and personal way challenged traditional artistic norms, inspiring future generations of artists and revolutionizing the art world. His legacy continues to shape and influence art to this day.


What is your most hated business expression?

I am not at all a fan of “Think outside the box”. I think that is the most familiar and cliché way coming from people who don’t know what they want, or have a good understanding of their brand’s objective, or how to brief creatives. As a creative person, I prefer to think what I can do conceptually and smartly with the box!


What’s the smartest business idea you’ve ever had?

Make the Invisible, Visible. It was about bringing real stories of abused and violated people, to showcase them on a creative ambient media like the Dubai Frame, by using AI and technology to make the words turn from invisible to visible. The aim was to empower these people and encourage others to talk about their issues, in partnership with NGO and Governmental institutions.


Which leader do you admire most and why?

My father, for so many reasons but mainly for influencing me in the world of art. He was an art curator and used to let me sit and watch musicals and advertising back in the 80s and 90s when TV advertising was a big hit. And I ended going to university and doing my masters in creative communication, and became an artist as well.


What’s your favourite word?

Passion, my favourite word, encapsulates the essence of my being. It fuels my drive, infuses purpose into my actions, and breathes life into my dreams. With passion, I soar beyond limits, embracing life's challenges with fervour. It connects me to like-minded souls and brings joy to every endeavour. Passion is the spark that ignites my soul, making each moment truly extraordinary.


What are your objectives as a Regional Creative Director?

At House Of Comms, I work with a range of diverse clients that spans different sectors to bring their brand communication to life across various mediums and channels. I’m fortunate to have close relationships with the MPs at House of Comms, which makes bringing effective, exciting ideas to life just that much easier. I wouldn’t say I have a singular objective as Creative Director, but rather a collection: to inspire and uplift my creative team to strive for greatness and push boundaries with their work, to introduce new innovative ways of thinking so that we can build on the agility that House of Comms is already known for, to instil a bold creative vision to develop and deploy imaginative, impactful ideas for our clients while keeping in line with House of Comms’ values… and, of course, to have fun while creating killer work. Otherwise, what's the point?


Tell us a secret?

I sleep at 9:00pm and I’m a morning creative person! Brief me at 5:00am and I’m ready for it.


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