Web 3.0 is coming. How brands can use it to create award winning work.

Streaming Globally, 1 February, 4pm to 5pm

Web 3.0 is the buzzword on everyone’s lips – a decentralized Internet, where people have control over their data.

With this third version of the internet set to be more transparent and content more accessible than ever before, what does this mean for brands? Web 3.0 is a once in generation opportunity for brand teams to create powerful and award winning work.

Join us for a virtual morning of fascinating insights on Tuesday February 1, as we explore Web 3.0 with Mark Adams, Global VP of Innovation at Vice Media Group.

In this session, Mark will share a five step playbook that shows how to leverage this unique moment in time. Designed to give you the clarity to deeply understand Web 3.0 and the strategic mindset to take advantage of it, this playbook is illustrated with Vice’s own case studies which have won every conceivable award for their innovative approach. 

Whether you're trying to reach a new audience, increase effectiveness, grow market share or simply take home awards, this is a Masterclass in modern brand building for those who have the creative ambition to do something very special in 2022

Timings: 7-8am EST | 12-1pm GMT | 4-5pm GST

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This is your chance to discover a deeper understanding of Web 3.0 and gain the strategic mindset to take advantage of it. Mark is a true expert in digital transformation, so come armed with your questions and gain clarity on this enterprising and exciting opportunity. 



Streaming Globally
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Business casual