Renaming Reality: How New Words Make New Worlds

Streaming live from New York, November 3, 12pm to 1pm

Names aren't neutral. From business to politics to science, names are the building blocks of our realities, shaping opinions and framing choices. Too many -- consider "Murder Hornets" and "Kung Flu" -- stoke fear and division. Others, like "Marriage Equality" and "Climate Crisis", inspire empathy and action. How can marketers apply their skills to both do well in their careers while doing good in the world?
Join us on November 3, 12 - 1pm ET for a one-hour discussion and learn:

  • What makes a great name and frame
  • Techniques to create powerful words
  • How to drive adoption across cultures and countries


  • Kate Childs Graham, former Director of Speechwriting for Vice President Kamala Harris and Senior Advisor at West Wing Writers
  • Matt Hudson, Director of Communications and Marketing at the Entomological Society of America, which is leading the way on removing racism from names such as the "Gypsy Moth" and "Murder Hornets"
  • David Placek, Founder of Lexicon Branding and creator of culture-changing names including “Blackberry,” Intel’s “Pentium Chip”, “Febreze,” and the “Impossible Burger”
  • Moderator: David Rosen, Board Member, Marketing Society New York


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Streaming live from New York