MIQ Lunch - July 2019

The third lunch in our superhero series

July 3, 12:00 pm

It’s not easy for marketers to be the hero, especially in these uncertain times. We might be best placed to make the connections across the business that lead to smarter decisions – but not all of us can.

What we need is a superpower - a way to combine all the insights in our data, the right mix of expert people, and the best in technology, so that we can start doing things everyone thought were impossible. But does that superpower exist? And if so, how do we get it? We’ve teamed up with our friends at MiQ for a series of lunches to discuss exactly that.

We're hosting the third and final lunch in our ‘superhero’ series on Wednesday 3 July, 12pm at Quo Vadis in Soho. Having already covered data and people, this time we turn our attention to The Tech Disconnect. Every business has different objectives and every business has different ways to achieve them. But the big ad tech platforms aren’t built to accommodate difference - they aim for standardisation.

We’re bringing together senior leaders to discuss what superpowers marketers need to overcome the tech struggle.

Register your interest

This is an invitation-only lunch but you are welcome to register your interest to attend by emailing Natasha.