London: Culture as a driver of business performance - dinner

In partnership with Landor

Ham Yard Hotel, 15 October, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

More and more start-ups are making it big.

They’re disrupting industries, demonstrating clever innovation and responding to the changing market at breakneck speed. How can established companies possibly compete?

On Tuesday 15 October, we are hosting an intimate dinner for just 20 cherry-picked senior marketers to learn how to leverage culture as a driver of business performance from the most successful companies in high growth environments.

We’re bringing you an exclusive on Landor’s bespoke study, with founders of 10 unicorns ($1bn+ start-ups) across EMEA to understand the principles of high-performance cultures. There’s only a small number of places available. We promise you a wonderful evening surrounded by great company.

Post-event podcast

Following the event Marketing Society Head of Professional Development, Alex Ricketts, sat down with Eissa Khoury, Landor's Executive Director of Culture and Engagement EMEA, to discuss their forthcoming white paper, 'Culture is Brand and Brand is Culture: How Unicorns Achieve Success.'

Researching this paper Landor interviewed 10 unicorns. A unicorn being defined as a former start-up that has achieved a $1bn valuation within 6-10 years. They typically tend to be technology-related, but not always.

Alex and Eissa discussed how how culture breeds success within businesses, and how culture is not a departmental issue. As a driver of business performance it should be on the CEO's agenda. They discussed how leaders need to lead culture from the top and involve employees if you want meaningful change to happen.


Ham Yard Hotel
Soho, W1D 7DT, United Kingdom
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