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Inspiration: Uncomfortable Conversation - Gender Portrayals | New York

McCann New York, May 22, 5:30pm to 8pm


Join us for an empowering and inspiring evening at our next Uncomfortable Conversations event as we debate masculine and feminine portrayals in the media with our partners at WARC on Wednesday May 22 at McCann New York.

Our Uncomfortable Conversation series creates comfortable spaces for brave, honest conversations about the things that matter with our powerful, influential community in a warm, open environment.

As an industry, we far too often scratch the surface of current issues but through these events we aim to delve a little deeper and get under the skin of everyday business challenges encouraging our speakers and guests to step outside their comfort zones and push boundaries.

Uncomfortable Conversations: Looking at masculine and feminine portrayals in advertising and media

Our topic for the event will be masculine and feminine portrayals in advertising and media. From Andrew Tate to JK Rowling, from “looksmaxxing” to “tradwives”, discussions of gender roles and narratives have become cultural, political and social lightning rods.

The media has long played a central role in shaping how men and women are depicted and perceived, which has permeated our cultures both positively and negatively. While there has been some progress in moving beyond lazy stereotypes, more work needs to be done in terms of hiring talent and making ads that are truly representative of audiences.

The “Unstereotype Metric” which measures progressive gender portrayals in global advertising, found only single-digit percentages of ads showing either gender in non-traditional roles.

Hosted by our board member and Chief Growth Officer at McCann New York Suresh Raj, we’ll hear perspectives and opinions from speakers including:

  • Ann Marie Kerwin, Americas Editor, WARC
  • Cinzia Crociani, EVP, Executive Global Creative Director, McCann New York
  • Gary J. Nix, Founder & Chief Strategist, the brandarchist: a strategy, design + change consultancy
  • Larry Adams, Founder & CEO, XStereotype

There will be plenty of time for discussion between guests in breakout sessions and over drinks at the end of the debate.

We hope you can join us for what will be a lively and passionate discussion about one of our industry’s most important, on-going issues.


Date: Wednesday May 22

Time: 5.30pm-8.00pm

Location: McCann New York, 622 3rd Avenue, New York


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McCann New York


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Suresh Raj

Chief Growth Officer, McCann New York

Ann Marie Kerwin

Americas Editor, WARC

Larry Adams

Founder & CEO, XStereotype

Gary J. Nix

Founder & Chief Strategist, the brandarchist

Cinzia Crociani

EVP, Executive Global Creative Director, McCann


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