Brave Moments Matter [webinar]

WEBINAR, 24 March, 2:30pm to 3:30pm

We conducted the world’s largest leadership study, in partnership with leadership expert Thomas Barta and Kantar. The headline from the research was - brave moments matter.

The research came from over 1,000 executives from 62 countries and revealed that nearly half of all successes come from those times when a leader steps up to the plate and makes a brave decision. We now have proof that brave leadership isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must have.


Thomas Barta, Leadership Expert
Nina Rahmatallah, CCO, Kantar UK
Syl Saller, Chief Marketing Officer, Diageo
David Erixon, CMO, Bó
Jane Bloomfield, Chief Growth Officer, Kantar

This event, previously face to face, is now a webinar and open for all members and marketers.

Podcast and video

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Brave Moments Matter webinar | with Thomas Barta, Diageo's Syl Saller, Bó's David Erixon and Kantar



20 Upper Ground, SE1 9PD, United Kingdom
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