Ten Takeaways from our Bravest Conference Hong Kong

In current times, we needed a rallying cry to be bold and a reminder of the brilliant things we can achieve when we work together.

Our Bravest Conference in Hong Kong marked the end of our global roadshow and it was a day of rousing speeches, some emotional moments and a standing ovation. Here are some of the top learnings:

  1. You can’t go wrong doing the right thing
  2. Be prepared to be humble, reactive and creative
  3. Be the first mover in what you do
  4. To have a long-term vision you have to be brave
  5. Being big, bold & purpose-led with a long-term view is essential to a successful partnership. Share the same vision and work together to achieve it.
  6. If everyone did one small thing, it would add up to a lot of big things: read up, learn, get involved.
  7. Never lose your curiosity: the best marketers are the most curious and always are ready to learn
  8. Bravery means taking chances and pushing the envelope
  9. One person can make a difference.
  10. Work hard, sustain the momentum and you’ll succeed.

You can view photos from the day on our Facebook page.



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