Semicolon tattoos and mental health

Our Singapore conference speaker reviews the day

Speaker at the Singapore Bravest Conference, Octagon's Lizi Hamer, shares her thoughts of the day.

Just another wednesday afternoon in Singapore changed into vibrant conversations, the sharing of uncomfortable topics and pure inspiration from the boldest minds at The Bravest Conference.

I really enjoyed the multitude of discussions that were facilitated in a few different manners to ensure the minds of the audience were heard and shared as well as the speakers. It was an inspiring afternoon that left us all thinking and dreaming of more.

David Mayo opened the conference with a wonderful showcase of creative work that has changed our world and demonstrated bravery in all its forms.

Ned Segal, Twitter CFO, joined us to share his insight - Be brave enough to share your strength with others. "Bravery is yours to take."

Dr. Parag Khanna then gave an opening keynote focusing on how to understand the rise of Asia's economics, the cultural influence and scenarios for its future. It was a fast paced speech, littered with facts and humours relatability. It reminded me of the exciting growth in Asia - The Future is Asian.

I then had the honour of sharing the stage with Andrew Au, Executive Director at Eight Inc. Gaurav Kripalani, Director, Singapore Repertory Theatre and Chris Lee, CMO, National Gallery. Our session discussed Bravery and Creativity, both personally and professionally.

Andrew orchestrated a wonderful discussion revealing each of our personal brave steps in our creative worlds - Chris shared his move from senior executive technology roles to CMO of the National Gallery. Humbly aware of the new challenge and how he wants to open the gallery to a nation. Gaurav, shared his journey with the Repertory Theatre, brining the audience close to tears with his humorous explanations and stories of bringing challenging theatre to a reserved country. And I shared my career in passion marketing, the methods of navigating business as a female executive in Asia and the bravery required as a Creative Director.

I was also given space and support on stage to talk about mental health. I wear a semicolon tattoo on my right wrist, as a symbol of mental health awareness and support. It is my method of inviting and opening up conversations regarding mental health. I have had the tattoo for a number of years and continue to have positive conversations with a range of people, all ages and races regarding it.

"A semicolon is used when an author could've chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life."

Why a semicolon? It is a symbol of not giving up. Its aim is to support those with mental health struggles and to help reduce the incidents of suicide in the world, through connected community and greater access to information and resources.



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