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Empower launched in June 2019 and is a Marketing Society bi-monthly digital publication exclusively for our members. It's inspired by our purpose to empower brave leaders.

Inside each issue you’ll find content which takes an in-depth view of subjects that really matter, as well as regular perspectives from some of the best brains from our global community - designed to empower you in everyday life. The most recent issue are exclusively for members, with archive issues available to everyone. You can also read selected Empower articles on our website.

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Storytelling is central to human existence. For this latest issue we explore the stories we tell each other and why they should matter to marketers. This issue: London Business School's Professor Dan Cable look at how what we say shapes our behaviour, Electronic Arts' Elle McCarthy shares her thoughts on reproductive rights and the stories we don't tell, author Abigail Dixon helps us reclaim our careers, Talk It Out's Chris Barez-Brown looks at how stories can help us be more optimistic, Amazing If's Helen Tupper explores why squiggly career stories are important, comedian and speaker Neil Mullarkey says that anyone can tell a story and that we should seek them out, and Havas Hong Kong's Duncan Bell examines how subtle brand stories might save us from cynicism.

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ISSUE 13: ACTIVISM 2.0 - JULY 2021

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People are calling out injustices and abuses of power faster than ever. So like it or not, the world is changing and some organisations are at risk of being left behind. This issue: Quiet Storm's Trevor Robinson OBE examines superficial brand commitments, Interbrand's Marianne Waite writes about inclusion and human truths, author Kev Chesters says, for brands, standing out is hard to do, Be More Pirate's Alex Barker looks at mutiny in the boardroom, brand consultant Amy Dick says this new wave demands brands help regenerate society, author Amy Kean tell us what happens when ego and activism collide, The Social Element's Tamara Littleton looks at brands whose actions match their values, and ThoughtExchange's Lauren Kelly reminds us that activists aren't brands, they're people - and people create movements.

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The phrase 'build back better' has been overused in the past twelve months, plus it suggests returning to a past state. Instead we ask, how can we reinvent to recover? What can we do differently? This issue WWF-UK's Rhiannon Davies Shah urges us to reinvent consumerism to help save the planet, VICE Media's Becky Dillon share a report on future experiences, we also have articles on striking out on your own from On The One's Rob Mathie, Verbal Identity's Chris West looks at how brands have changed their language, RED UNIT's Thorranze Cheung uses intercultural thinking to help us reinvent and recover post-pandemic, co-author of Brandsplaining, Jane Cunningham writes about marketing to women, eatbigfish's Mark Barden shares tips for marketing sustainability, and Saudi German Hospital Group's Rami Zahran says the first step to recovery is to focus on wellbeing.

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There's been a lot of talk about empathy during this pandemic. Indeed, as one of our writers says this issue, the need for it has never been greater. So for this issue we focus squarely on people: TikTok's Trevor Johnson teaches us about subcultures, Clementine's Katie Lee shares bold career moves, Simon Garnett of The Forge say brands should do less, but do it better, Lucky Generals' Andy Nairn explains how to better manage a crisis, New Ways' Letesia Gibson urges brands to focus more on emotion and compassion, The Behavioural Architects' Crawford Hollingworth and Liz Barker teach us how to build a better world, The Fitting Room's Charlotte Mair looks at new audio app Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces as a place where brands can listen to people, and authors Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan write about why humanity should be at the heart of purpose.

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On the One's Elles Pinfold gives us six reasons why embracing an activist mindset could be the best survival tactic your brand can make. Author Toby Beresford looks at how subscriptions can build deeper relationships between brands and consumers. The Liberty Guild's Jon Williams thinks brand philanthropy might be back. Neuro-Insight UK's Shazia Ginai examines how gender perception is changing and what the role is for brands. Siegel+Gale's James Withey says purpose has even more relevance, and brands need to shape everything through its lens. Author Minter Dial thinks marketers need to be courageous with their decision-making this year. MullenLowe London's Fran Griffin says our industry already comes with insecurities, and wonders why we apologise when people see our lives on zoom. And TBWA/RAAD's Jennifer Fischer writes about business ethics in a practical way, saying that we must step away from the notion of doing good versus making money.

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Articles on a post-pandemic world from VMLY&R's Bediz Eker, fear at work from &us' Felicity Walsh, brand language shaping reality from Verbal Identity's Chris West, the new 'normal' from PubMatic's Emma Newman, diversity in the industry from DICE's Amy Kean, the evolution of platforms like Roblox - from VCCP New York's Jonny Shaw - and OnlyFans from The Fitting Room's Charlotte Mair, and how brands need to start being more personal, from Watch Me Think's Alistair Vince.

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With the ongoing pandemic we believe that finding ways to creatively collaborate is more important than ever. So this issue Quiet Storm's Trevor Robinson OBE looks at why, with advertising, you should never choose the safe route, MullenLowe London's Fran Griffin looks at why brands standing for something is a good thing, author Scott Morrison says leaders need to kill their egos to have impact, Guiness World Records' Neil Foster examines the evolution of brand experiences post-Covid, Forever Beta's Olivia Stancombe explores how collaboration can turn brands into platforms for change, Engine Transformation's Suzi Bentley-Tanner explains why we should ditch working in silos, Mars Inc's Tom Lindley gives us better ways to creatively collaborate and eatbigfish LA's Nick Geoghegan shows us how to find abundance all around us.

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Since our last issue on activism and purpose the world has become, at once, even more divided and connected. In this issue: semiotician Gemma Jones looks to understand the complexities of people through research, BVA Nudge Unit Singapore's Richard Bordenave explores how we can create value from remote togetherness and cultural expert Becks Collins explains why we need to understand the symbols we use. Also, Lucky Generals' Katie Lee writes about how leaders can foster a sense of virtual belonging with their teams, New Ways' Letesia Gibson tells us about how brands have been taking meaningful activist action, and Verizon Media's Mark Melling says virtual events are booming with 5G. Read

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Months ago we came up with this theme, then the virus hit and it became even more relevant. This issue JKR Singapore's Katie Ewer explores brand partnerships, consultant Perry Hewitt looks at creating communities, The Value Engineers' Simon Stokes gets into gaming and streaming, WWF-UK's Rhiannon Shah writes about how humanity can build back better, Kantar's Dom Boyd introduces us to hollow brands and cultural change, Livity's Katy Woodrow Hill (now at Depop) writes about how togetherness comes from our differences, Leo Burnett's Liam Hopkins examines the future for sports entertainment, and Harbour Collective's Kevin Chesters asks how we restore consumer confidence post covid. Read

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For issue five we explore an area that has been on the minds of many a marketing leader in recent years, activism and purpose, and the extend to which brands get involved in these spaces.  This issue: eatbigfish LA's Nick Geoghegan writes about boy scouts, vigilantes and repurposing purpose, Verbal Identity's Chris West explores the value of having a brand voice that can speak up, Livity's Katy Woodrow Hill looks at Gen Z and the future of brand purpose, author Somi Arian delves into mindfulness in the age of AI, Plans with Purpose' Ali Fisher introduces us to Anthropocene advertising, The Behavourial Architects' Crawford Hollingworth says the need for activism has never been greater, and Just Challenge's Lucy Bennett-Baggs says it's time for sponsorship detox. Read

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After a design revamp Empower returns. For the first of 2020: Lucky Generals' Andy Nairn thinks the next decade will be one of co-operation, Canopy Insight's Victoria Gerstman looks at five cultural areas poised to undergo seismic change, VCCP's Peter Gasston inspires us with technology trends, author Giles Lury talks brands, purpose and activism, Neuro-Insight UK's Shazia Ginai looks at trends for neuromarketing, and Salesforce's Lara Martini writes about staying relevant as a leader. Read

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In our third issue: Co-op's Jo Whitfield writes about diversity, ITV's Dame Carolyn McCall shares her brave brands, WWF UK’s Rhiannon Shah offers five ways marketing can respond to the planetary emergency we face, Siegel+Gale’s Howard Belk reminds brands to keep humanity and purpose at the core of technology adoption, Unofficial Partner’s Sean Singleton explores the world of esports, BBDO's Elle McCarthy (now at Electronic Arts) looks at how shifts in brand value are affecting client-agency relationships, VMLY&R's Bediz Eker writes about anti-consumerism, BVA Nudge Unit's Richard Chataway explores our complex world, and Creative Creatures' Hanne Kristiansen says it's time to think differently. Read

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Author Glenn Fisher looks at how we pursue wild ideas, behavioural psychologist Crawford Hollingworth writes about bravery and the brain, cultural insight expert Natalie Edwards explores toxic positivity, copywriter Vikki Ross writes about consumer language, TSB’s Pete Markey shares what he’s learned from improv comedy, Dragon Rouge's Bee Pahnke (now at Grey London) explores the language of winning, strategist Julian Saunders gets into brand building and warfare, author David Gluckman reflects on his long career, consultant Perry Hewitt talks about superpowering your marketing stack, activist Caroline Casey gets into disability inclusion, and Starcom's Amy Kean writes about why saying sorry is so hard for people and brands. Read

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In this first issue: LEGO’s Debs Gerrard discusses AI, robots and ideas, BT's Gavin Patterson tells us what he's learned, Genius Steals' Faris Yakob explains nomadic creativity, author Dave Trott talks corkscrew thinking, Publicis New York's Ciaran McCarthy delves into disruptive thinking, author David Wethey introduces us to idea economics, MulllenLowe London's Phil Rumbol writes about why we forget, Snap London's Matt Wyatt says we need to think negatively, and Neuro-Insight UK's Heather Andrew examines our brains. Read

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