David Pearson

After graduating from Oxford University David Pearson developed a successful career in Sales, Marketing and General Management roles in major international businesses including Procter and Gamble, Mars and Pillsbury. He spent 10 years running Sony UK building its consumer business from £153 million to £523 million and later managed the overall UK operations with sales of £2 billion and 5,000 employees.  He was then Executive Director and then CEO of two listed plcs before he developed a portfolio career holding 10 NED roles including two chairmanships in various markets including two listed companies and some public sector and voluntary sector roles.
David Joined the Marketing Society in 1978, was the keynote speaker at the 1992 Conference, became a Fellow in 1995, a Business Leader in 2004 and an Honorary Fellow in 2016.

Lessons on becoming a NED from David Pearson