Cristina Guida La Licata

Marketing Communications Consultant

Cristina Guida La Licata is a dynamic marketing communications consultant, certified motivational speaker, accredited emotional intelligence practitioner, and accomplished author. Her extensive experience in pivotal roles within the premium and luxury industry allows her to seamlessly integrate a diverse skill set, inspiring, leading, and driving positive change. As the Head of Marketing Communications for Jeep at Stellantis Middle East, Cristina orchestrated comprehensive marketing and digital initiatives. Beyond her professional role, she infused motivational speaking expertise to energize teams, fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. Her leadership extended to being the Country Lead for Women of Stellantis, where she played a crucial role in advancing the representation and progress of women within the organization. Cristina's illustrious journey includes significant roles in renowned automotive companies such as Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Abarth, Group Lotus Plc., and Ferrari SpA.

Today, Cristina serves as a passionate marketing communication consultant, leveraging her extensive expertise to guide brands and clients towards success. With a strategic mindset and a wealth of experience in the premium and luxury industry, Cristina specializes in crafting comprehensive strategies and 360-degree plans. Her consultancy goes beyond conventional approaches, offering tailored support to drive meaningful change and elevate brands to new heights. Through her insightful guidance, Cristina empowers clients to navigate the evolving landscape of marketing communication, ensuring that every aspect of their strategy aligns seamlessly with their goals, ultimately fostering success and lasting impact.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Cristina is an author, with her transformative book "On a Journey: within me, within you" published in January 2024. This work explores the universal quest for self-discovery, driven by motivation, resilience, and a profound understanding of self-love and self-care. Through insightful reflections, Cristina invites readers to view life's challenges as opportunities for personal growth and enlightenment. Acknowledging the vital role of emotional intelligence in her pursuits, Cristina is accredited as an emotional intelligence practitioner. In a contemporary landscape where effective communication, emotional intelligence, and personal inner growth take precedence, her diverse expertise and literary contributions highlight her dedication to fostering environments that cultivate resilience, empathy, and genuine self-discovery.

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Seasoned executive Cristina Guida La Licata, believes investing in women is pivotal for driving societal advancement and innovation.