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From The Great Hack on Netflix to an Illustrator Social Queen

Succession, HBO (TV Show)

Catching up on something others have already discovered but, if you soldier through the first two episodes of Series One (it takes a while to set up all the relationships) it means you will be able to binge through and catch up with the rest of the world which is already on the third episode of Series Two. We have been shorthanding it as ‘King Lear on speed’ . By which we mean, not the examination of power and (media) megalomania, but rather the exploration of ‘toxic parents’ and how, as they say ‘ they will [email protected]#k you up’. Shakespearean or not we’ve become fully involved with the live’s of the Roy’s - a media family living their best (and worst) rich people's lives ‘playing the game’  A reminder that character, or a glorious set of characters in this case, drive storytelling


Selfie, Will Storr (Book)

Despite the mildly inglorious title this book is a genuinely engaging and well researched exploration of what ‘Self’ means. Where the idea of ‘Self’ comes from, how it changes over time and culture, and the effects of these versions of self being seen in modern culture. 

We’re in a time where Instagram influencers are some of the biggest figures we have in our daily lives. Where digital expression of self is evermore integral, and where the whole world is suffering from a myriad of mental wellness issues. 
This book offers a nuanced and fresh exploration of a subject that clearly affects our perspective on, well, pretty much everything. 

Lonesome Dove, Larry McMurtry (Book)

Lonesome Dove follows an 1870 Cattle drive from far south Texas through the central Great Plains to virgin grazing land of Montana. The book follows 2 Ex-Texas Rangers on their journey.. Not your average Western novel, not your average book. It gives you a real feel for what it must have really been like at the front end of the American Dream. In truth the myth was built on messed up, dysfunctional exiles just trying to make their way and make it up as they go along. The Dream is built on misfits. Sounds familiar today right?
A massive War and Peace kind of read there is a miniseries adaptation of the original screenplay if you’re more of a watcher than a reader. 

The Great Hack, Netflix (Film)

We’ve all become familiar with a little company called Cambridge Analytica and their meddling with our feeds, our media and our democracy.
This feature length documentary primarily follows Brittany Kaiser as she testifies on her involvement with Cambridge and David Carroll in his mission to get back his personal data. Its individual stories of crime, redemption, fear and regret that lead us through this whistle-stop tour of the cavern of stories relating to the misuse of personal data worldwide, and briefly Facebook’s involvement in them. And it all barely scratches the surface, but it does leave us with a key question to ask ourselves. 

Are ‘Data rights’ human rights in a world where data is more valuable than oil? 

And if yes, then what are we going to do about it? 


Once Upon A Try, Google Arts & Culture 

As The Garage sees one of our team members moving on to the Google Arts & Culture department we’ve loved having a little look into what they get upto over at Google towers. The Once Upon A Try project worked with over 100 museums to plot a journey of invention & creation - From who invented the toilet to overlooked historical pioneers. Through a series of video pieces, photos and articles we discover the past present and the future, finding answers to questions we didn’t know we should be asking. All round a fascinating and extensive content trove that we’ll keep coming back to.


Florence Given (Illustrator & Social queen)

We’re thinking of starting a Flossy Fan Club. Yes she’s a great illustrator with a bright and funny visual style, but really we’re here for the fact every piece of work Florence makes packs a punch. What we would call her ‘seminal’ piece of work is the line ‘It’s a wonderful day to dump him’ in beautiful hand illustrated letters. That says all we need to know about what Florence is advocating for as a single queer woman in 21st Century London, and we’re loving it. 

Unapologetically taking up space online and IRL Flossy is a much needed reprise from the ever growing clan of online influencers who too often all look the same and often don’t have enough substance to keep us engaged. Follow her on Instagram for daily doses of confidence and dramatic dancing, you won’t regret it.


By The Garage Soho