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Brand Solidarity: We Stand with Ukraine

Display the logo to show your support

The Marketing Society stands with the people of Ukraine. 

Like us, I’m sure that you are looking for ways to support the Ukrainian people. We know that when we come together, we can achieve so much more than alone.

Brand Solidarity, formed by , founder of Superbrands UK (the world’s independent brand authority) and branding agency Creative & Commercial aims to bring brands together to express a chorus of support for all the people of Ukraine.

We're proud to support Brand Solidarity of which our CEO, Sophie Devonshire, is a patron and have updated our social media platforms to recognise this.

Whilst various participating brands may well be doing more, all Brand Solidarity asks of you is to display the Brand Solidarity logo (or just the Ukrainian flag) on all or any promotional material (whether it be your website, advertising, packaging, etc).

To join fellow brands in uniting to support Ukraine, please participate in BrandSolidarity.org and email your logo(s) to [email protected].