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Best of 2022: Technology, Innovation, Sport & Gender Equality

As we approach a new year, we reflect on 2022 and the topics on the minds of our writers and community.

Technology and Innovation

'Unlocking the key to innovation'

Tech expert Glyn Shadwell strips back the covers on innovation and explores the processes and mind-models that you can incorporate across your own organisation to encourage it to take root.

'Building audiences in a cookieless world'

The death of the third-party cookie has forced marketers to innovate. Glyn Shadwell explores the innovative new solutions that you can build into your marketing strategy to build audiences and build consumer trust in a post-cookie world.

'Marketing in the metaverse' 

The metaverse is arguably the buzzword of 2022, but will it ever be fully adopted? Alchemy Network's Glyn Shadwell takes a closer look at how you can leverage the metaverse to reach your audience.


'Football for the fans?'

How will the football industry approach the cost-of-living crisis in the UK? Harry Eckersley, Group Communications Manager at CSM Sport and Entertainment explores how stakeholders can provide genuine support for fans.

'The 7 principles of marketing women's sport'

The Euros showed the true virtues of women’s sport and how it should be promoted going forward. Matt Readman, Chief Strategy Officer at Dark Horses shares guiding principles to tell more modern and constructive marketing stories within women’s sport.

'As the sun sets on sport’s 21st century superstars, what comes next?'

As the big names depart, will there be a move away from marketing sports through high-profile personalities? Harry Eckersley explores the power of focusing on the collective.

Gender Equality and the Menopause

'International Women's Day 2022'

In celebration of International Women's Day, we reached out to members of our community to find out their personal pledges as marketing leaders and the advice they would give to help #BreaktheBias. 

'How to become a menopause-friendly organisation'

Sally Leech, Training Director at Henpicked shares her top five tips for how to achieve long-term, sustainable change in your workplace, creating and fostering an inclusive culture for everyone to be at their best. 

'It's time to change the change'

Melissa Robertson, CEO at Dark Horses asks why everyone is working so hard to bring young women into the industry, and then spectacularly failing them every step of the way. 

Diversity and Inclusion

'Getting ESG right'

While it's finally starting to be taken seriously in many companies, there is so much still to be learnt. Chloe Davies, Head of Social Impact at Lucky Generals, shares how to get your ESG strategy right.

'How to make advertising more inclusive' 

Advertising will never be representative of the communities it is trying to reach until every single element of the process is re-analysed and reassessed. Rich Miles, CEO of The Diversity Standards Collective shares his toolkit.

Agency Relationships

'A strong client-agency relationship - it’s all about the ‘good’ brief'

How a company briefs its agency - new or old - will greatly impact the work it receives. Andrew Armitage, Founder of A Digital uncovers what a good, solid and workable agency brief should look like.

'In-house in-unison. A client and a creative give you a sneak peek into their in-house lives.'

To in-house or not to in-house, that is, apparently, the question everyone in the industry is asking. Emma Saunders, Senior Social Media Manager at Avis Budget Group International and Alex Daniell senior creative at Collective share how they work. 

'How can you hook the best talent for your in-house offering?'

We’ve all read enough about in-housing now to know that as well as the copious positives, there are also a few pretty tough negative elements to contend with. Carolyn Laing, Managing Director at Collective on how to attract the best talent. 


'Why purpose is both opportunity and obligation'

Purpose can be both an effective tool and a distracting exercise. Alex Lewis, Co-founder of Revolt highlights three key things to recognise in order to win at purpose transformation.

'The evolution of “Purpose” from today’s most passionate changemakers' 

People today are holding brands to new standards and making them accountable for social and environmental responsibility. Assembly Global spoke to their Gen Z employees to hear how they'd like to see businesses evolving. 

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