Alex Dalman

Head of Social and Innovation, VCCP

With over 10 years of experience in social media marketing, Alex is VCCP’s Head of Social and Innovation. An agitator for greatness in modern marketing and creative and idea driven marketeer who likes to get things done. Focussed on devising and making exciting and innovative creative work for brands in the places and spaces that people hang out. She recently recreated The O2 arena in Fortnite Creative which 10 million people visited and played in, breaking all brand records for Epic Games' flagship game. Alex's other notable work includes recreating the VCCP office in Roblox for all staff and clients to play with, creating an app that books flights from Instagram photos for easyJet for the Instgagram generation of travellers, and launching O2’s cute robot mascot to the world via a TikTok Hashtag Dance Challenge which gathered over 2 billion views.

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