Accelerate: for individuals - Brands on a budget Masterclass

What to do when doing more with less becomes a necessity

‘Wealth is not about having a lot of money. It is about having a lot of options’ Bill Gates

GBP£349 +VAT per person
Scheduled for early 2021 (dates tbc) Register your interest

The coronavirus pandemic has been the biggest global disrupter of our lifetime. The first impact was in many cases expressed via a freeze or a drastic cut into marketing and communications budgets. As the crisis lingers, we can only assume that the scarcity imposed upon marketers during the pandemic is here to stay and we need to adjust our means and ways to the new rules.
This fast-paced workshop is designed to equip marketers with a new toolbox to ‘brand on a budget’. Beyond the theory, this will involve practising the skills and reflecting on how we can adapt it to your business. This module is a mix of teaching, small groups discussions and sharing.

At the end of this session, you will master a thinking process that you can reapply to your own businesses starting tomorrow:

Learn some of the proven techniques used by the most successful global companies to increase their brands’ utility and relevance and assess which one is the most suitable for you
Know how to delight your consumers and offer them ‘value for money’ in 15 different ways
Understand how to think and act as a challenger to seize all opportunities irrespective of your available resources
Part 1 – Proven techniques
Beyond the functional or emotional benefits upon which brands have been built, the current context forces marketers to go one step beyond. Based on the analysis of the most successful FMCG companies globally, we come up with a framework to increase a brand perceived utility and its relevance which you can apply to your own business.

Part 2 – Delight your consumers by offering more value for money
The value of a brand proposition is always a ratio of what it does for the consumers vs what it costs the consumer. This training equips you with 15 ways to increase the perceived value of your brand without having to increase its price. By doing so, you can keep your margins afloat even in times of marketing scarcity.
Part 3 – Think and act as a challenger brand
Challenger brands are known to be agile, hungry, and successful without deep pockets or resources. However, numerous examples show that ‘being a challenger brand’ relates more to a mindset and a modus operandi than to the size of the team or of the available marketing budget. We deep dive into the challenger mindset to equip you with a different way to do things.

Delivered by Dominique Touchaud, founder of Shokunin Marketing

Dominique is a champion of strategic and creative marketing excellence who runs Shokunin, the first company to offer ‘Marketing as a service’ in Asia.

For 17 years, he was a director in the elite group of Brand Building integrated Communications within P&G's corporate marketing team where he contributed to launch numerous brands in whitespace markets and also helped the multinational steer through various crises (business, economic, social,…) in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Prior to P&G, he was the head of advertising for Swatch globally (largest branded watchmaker in the world) and has worked for some of the most renowned advertising agencies in Europe (Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett…).

He was twice awarded the ‘advertiser of the year’ trophy at Cannes for work on Swatch and Pampers. He is an expert on bridging marketing fundamentals with Martech and adtech solutions to help brands grow & acquires customers globally. He has been known for thriving in multicultural environment and organising high-performing teams around the world.

Dominique is a proud French Caribbean from the island of Guadeloupe. He has three international kids born in Switzerland, Chile and Panama and is married to Alexandra who hails from New Zealand. He is based in Singapore.

GBP£349 +VAT per person
Scheduled for early 2021 (dates tbc) Register your interest