How to spend a unique day in Seattle

Here are unique things to do from morning to night according to Carol Chapman, Associate Creative Director and Tommy Dietrich, Associate Strategist at POSSIBLE’s Seattle office:

Good morning

Start the day with a cup of coffee from one of the many options in Pike Place Market. This is a great time to watch the market come to life and an opportunity to beat the eventual crowds. There might even be a short line at the historic original Starbucks. Whatever your coffee shop of choice, make sure to pick up a copy of The Stranger to see what is happening this week—it’s free and you will see it everywhere.

After your dose or two of caffeine, go for a morning run or walk (we’re not judging) along the waterfront. A clear route starts with the interesting fountain (you have to see it to understand) at the entrance to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) sculpture park. The walk runs along Elliot Bay and ends with an impressive intersection of fishing wharfs, silos, and busy railroad track by the iconic Seattle P-I building. The views are fabulous.

If it’s raining and you aren’t as comfortable being out in it as most Seattleites, opt to spend a leisurely morning indoors at the Seattle Art Museum downtown, which leads to…

Good afternoon

Now that you’ve probably developed an appetite, enjoy lunch at one of the many Tom Douglas restaurants. You’re most likely close to one. By the way, they’re business lunch friendly. If it’s wet outside and you prefer rainy-day fare, try some ramen at Arashi. Or if you want to keep it simple and easy, there’s always excellent Lebanese street foods at Mamnoon Street. After a good lunch, you can experience shopping in the downtown corridor where you will find Macys, Nordstrom’s, and also an eclectic selection of small businesses in Belltown. If you prefer to be outside of downtown, grab an ice-cream from Molly Moons in Capitol Hill and people watch in the park across the street.

Want something very new, even for Seattleites? Whether you partake or not, it’s always fun to visit your neighborhood cannabis shop (it’s all legal). Ponder in the Central District is a friendly and fun way to test the burgeoning retail waters, or try the elegantly impressive Diego Pellicer in the SoDo District.

Feeling artsy, or sports-y, and looking to experience historic Seattle? Check out the shops and art galleries in Pioneer Square. You can take an underground tour, visit the stadiums, or if it happens to be a game day, watch the parade of fans in blue and green.


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Good evening

Night approaches and so does your hunger and thirst. Try the pizza at Delancey in Ballard or grab a slice from Capitol Hill’s Dark Bar and drown your week in dark liquor. If you’re feeling fancier, try the iconic Manekis in Japan town in the International District. There is an excellent Japanese menu and an excellent bar, adored by locals and visitors alike. Afterwards you can go to the ever-popular Bush Garden for karaoke and cocktails. Go before it closes this year!

If you want to experience a show in Seattle, go to Barboza. It’s a small venue, and they normally feature good bands. If you don’t like it, you’re only out $20 and can still tell everyone you went to a show.  

And of course, if you didn’t have the opportunity to experience a perfect day in Seattle, but had to spend your day in business meetings, you can celebrate how you rocked it at the garden in The Lookout, or if you prefer kitschy—Cha Cha’s (both in Capitol Hill). And after celebrating you can then end your night like a local. A local who loves ping pong. Grab a beer at Olde 99Pub. While you’re there, say “hi” to Shawn. You’ll know him when you see him.