Keep Calm and Pause webinar, with Rob Poynton

Streaming live from London, 29 April, 1pm to 2pm

How do we make sense of, and make the most of, the pause that we find ourselves in?  

Based on his book ‘Do Pause’ Robert Poynton will explore this question with us in the session on Wednesday.

The session will include:

•    Ideas and suggestions for daily habits and practices
•    Tools and frameworks to help you get more from this time
•    Ideas to help you develop responsiveness and creative adaptation
•    How these challenging circumstances give you the opportunity to re-think yourself, your brand and your business
•    An invitation to reframe how we think about time and our relationship with it

Please bring a packet of potato crisps (or potato chips if you are in the US).

Listen to the recording


Streaming live from London