Accelerate Learning Lab: The Art and Science of Marketing Reinvention | Virtual

Zoom Webinar, 2 May, 12pm to 1:30pm

In this session, we will discuss the critically important aspect of constant 'Reinvention', and that in a faster-spinning world, rapid change is all around us. Individuals, marketers, creatives, media owners/players, strategists, and in fact, entire companies are certainly not spared from this - so this presentation has a very wide appeal.

So, how can you deal with it?

Through this session, we'll will share some very practical frameworks on how to manage concerns and areas of control, avoid the 'iceberg' in your life and/or business, and examine 15 ways to reinvent your business. 

What to expect

This practical 90-minute session is hosted by experienced Marketing professional Dr. Doug Mattheus at Doug M Consultancy. We will be answering 3 questions;

  1. Do I really need to reinvent?
  2. So how do I get started - frameworks? 
  3. How do I continue on this journey?

The aim is to share the importance of cultivating and nurturing a Reinvention Mindset, and the need for constant innovation and embracing change. Change is all around us and no one is exempt, nothing lasts forever, and what can you do to constantly stay ahead of your curve.

Timings: 12pm-13.30pm BST | 3pm-4.30pm GST | 7pm-8.30pm HKT/SGT

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Zoom Webinar
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