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Revolt: Book review

“But I suppose the most revolutionary act one can engage in is... to tell the truth.” (Howard Zinn, “Marx in Soho: A Play on History”) When I received this book over the post, I was a little bit surprised. Its scrapbook style seems to replicate the old-fashioned (leftist) political pamphlets of my university days, I guess to give the reader “That Revolutionary Feeling”… The usual marketing gimmick? More than that, luckily. “Revolt” has the ambition to be the manifesto of a new way to do marketing. In my view, it represents the tangible proof of the increased importance that CSR and Millennials are having in shaping brand and communication strategies.

The BE Police

Ask someone if they know what ‘nudge’ means, and they’re increasingly likely to answer ‘yes’. ‘ Nudge’ has become a watch word of behavioural science and is widely understood as being indicative of actions which steer behaviour change. But are people as familiar with the related term ‘sludge’? Perhaps not, not yet, but they would be well advised to get up to speed. ‘Sludge’ has come to represent the dark side of nudge ethics and is used to define and draw attention to companies who use behavioural science and nudges in ways that hurt rather than promote the welfare of consumers. Sludging includes things like hidden add-ons, or long and confusing fine print, hidden subscriptions, or bureaucratic red tape and paperwork. In short, sludge is any measure which makes it harder for a consumer to do what’s in their best interest.

AR: 3D and intelligent

AR has seen a huge growth over the last three years, embraced by brands to create more engaging, more interactive, and more talked-about “experiential” promotional activities. Consumers are happy to “augment” their world with useful content, information and offers, while establishing more emotional connections with brands. Mobile AR users are predicted to reach 200 million by 2018, which means this is a format likely to grow rapidly.From mobile apps for interactive catalogues to one-off publicity stunts in shopping malls to augmented product packaging ‒ the options are limitless. Forbes predicts that the AR market is expected to continue this trend; it’s projected to reach $117.4 billion by 2022. Here are some of the most inspiring and practical applications:

Bo Jakubenko's interview

We catch up with Bo Jakubenko, global marketing manager of Treasury Wine Estates and our Young Marketing Leader of the Year, on the things she has learned through her life and career: The best advice I ever got... was that you can’t do everything. Focus on the things that make the biggest difference. The worst advice I ever got... was that you have to be ruthless to succeed. Sure, that’s one way, but there are also others. Don’t underestimate... The importance of taking people with you on your journey. You cannot operate on your own. Don’t overestimate... a consumer’s involvement in your brand. They have a million other things on their mind. Make it simple for them to choose your brand. The experience that taught me most... was growing up in a big family, which gave me a thicker skin. It also taught me to be mindful of others and to compromise. The most fun I had...

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

The tenure and role of the Chief Marketing Officer has been under the gun for many years. Earlier this year, Korn Ferry released a report saying that the average tenure of the CMO in the US was down 6 months over the last two years and sits, at 4.1 years, as the lowest of all members on the C-Suite. Not surprisingly, the next least secure role is the CIO (Chief Information Officer). All in all, both the marketing and IT departments are on the front line of the digital transformation, to say nothing of digital disruption. How one progresses and/or accelerates the digital transformation process inevitably depends on the company’s size, maturity and talent pool. It also depends on the clarity of purpose and the powerful commitment of the C-suite.

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