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The power of purpose

Take it from Winnie the Pooh, ‘You’re braver than you believe.’ Or if the words of A.A. Milne isn’t your thing, then perhaps you’d get more from afternoon tea with Dr Joyce Samoutou-Wong. Over a healthy serving of humble pie, you’ll learn getting over yourself is the first obstacle to being brave. You’ll also see the role passion plays in the level of bravery required to change things for the better. Hers is not the kind of, ‘we made it easier for people to shop’ type of transformation we might regularly applaud. This is bravery on acid. This is about driving through some of the most dangerous parts of Africa to help restore vision to people living in poverty.

Finding purpose

The popularity of Simon Sinek’s ‘Start With Why’ has found countless business leaders, marketers and private individuals looking for a sense of purpose and direction. Enlightened marketers realise that consumers are drawn to products and organisations that resonate with and reinforce their own values and sense of purpose. In this article, you’re going to be getting in touch with your inner source of evolutionary purpose; the guidance system that can keep you on-track today, and twenty years from today.  While researching his ground-breaking book, Exponential Organizations, angel investor Salim Ismail and his team explored businesses that were growing at an exponential rate (E.g. Airbnb, Netflix, Uber each doubled the size of their business in 2015). One of the qualities they identified that all the exponential organizations share is a “massive transformational purpose” (MTP). You may be familiar with some of these, for instance:

Inspiration from music

In the following series of articles, I want to explore creativity through the perspectives of different individuals from completely different walks of life. I will pick people from the worlds of industry, music, the arts, sport, gastronomy, architecture, politics and literature in order to find out what their beliefs and principles are when it comes to the precious commodity called creativity. In each case, I will highlight two or three aspects about their thinking that feels fresh and different and then try and apply this back to the world of business. Brian Eno is a British musician, composer, record producer, singer, writer and visual artist. He joined the rock group Roxy Music as a synthesiser player in 1971 and has subsequently collaborated with a number of famous acts including David Bowie, Grace Jones, Coldplay, U2 and Talking Heads. He was a pioneer of ‘Ambient Music’, a genre that valued tone and atmosphere above structure and rhythm.

The copywriting process

Scenario 1 Client sends Copywriter Messaging Matrix in Excel 1.    Receives email advising of attached Messaging Matrix for review 2.    Suspects Messaging Matrix means an Excel document 3.    Sees attachment is an Excel document 4.    Sighs 5.    Opens attachment 6.    Sighs 7.    Eyes hurt looking at the mess of fonts, colours and lines 8.    Squints to read Copy 9.    Presses arrow on keyboard to move across a row 10. Moves across five rows in error 11. Attempts to make Excel document smaller to fit the screen 12. Excel document does not fit the screen 13. Sighs 14. Reviews Copy 15. Hits Return but goes to the box below instead of starting a new paragraph in the box above 16. Sighs 17. Highlights the whole document 18. Presses Ctrl+C 19. Opens Word document 20. Presses Ctrl+V

The spirit of exchange

It was a privilege to be invited to attend an intimate lunch sharing session with the esteemed Ralph Kugler, Chairman at Williams Lea Tag. Without any preconception of what to expect from the exchange, I learnt many valuable insights from the stories and experiences Ralph shared. My knowledge of what creates successful brands and leadership in larger organisations has certainly broadened. What was apparent from Ralph when he described his transition through various roles, was how important listening and being empathetic was, whether this be to the customer or people you are leading. These are both important leadership characteristics for long-term success. I will leave you with excerpts on some of his insights and hopefully like me you gain much inspiration.

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