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Livestreaming in China

In 1998, the idea of one single person being the subject of an entire TV channel was a fantasy that could only be imagined in Hollywood. Millions of viewers tuning in to watch a live broadcast of one individual going about their daily life was so fantastical that, in order to pull it off, you required thousands if not millions of cameras, hundreds of actors, a star who had been duped from birth and a slightly sinister team of production staff living in the sky; all housed within a studio that could be visible from space! Fast forward 20 years and the familiar premise of the Truman Show is not so ludicrous. Now all it takes to create a live broadcast about one individual’s life is a smartphone, a social media profile and a heightened sense of vanity. It is the livestreaming revolution in the mobile-first age.

TV democracies

A new television channel catering specifically to South Africa’s mixed-race community has just launched. Onse will be the first Afrikaans TV channel to cater to its biracial community, which makes up 8.9% of the country’s population, a number equivalent to the country’s white population. The channel will mainly be broadcast in Afrikaans, but will also include some content in English. “The socio-cultural depth of this demographic is varied and extensive and worthy of celebration and embrace,” says the network. “Onse TV is a channel by the people, for the people that opens up a whole new world of opportunities, job creation and involvement with the channel for people who have never had these opportunities before.”

Follow through

"Follow through." That's the advice you'll hear in golf, in tennis and in baseball. That your follow through changes everything. But how can it? After all, the ball is long gone by the time you're done with your swing. Here's the thing: In order to not follow through, you need to start slowing down before you're done hitting the ball. The follow through isn't the goal, it's the symptom that you did something right. And of course, the same thing is true of that conference you run, or the customer service you provide, or the way you engage with a class or a job... if you begin slowing down before the last moment, the last moment is going to suffer. This article originally appeared on  

Unfiltered beauty

The French government has taken a bold stance to enforce transparency in photography. As of October 1st, all commercial photos of models that have been digitally altered (to make the body parts of the model appear thinner or larger) must carry the warning “photographie retouchée,” or “retouched photograph.” Now, any photographs of models in France that appear to have unnaturally perfect or just plain unrealistic body proportions will be instantly clear whether or not they have been altered. Those advertisers who don’t carry the warning on their retouched images will be fined up to €37,500, or 30% of advertising costs. As Snapchat and Instagram have democratized the use of filters, anyone today can appear to have flawless skin, perfect lighting and even a floral crown.

Andy Bird: inspired leader

The renowned leadership coach’s new book The Inspired Leader just hit the shelves, so we've teamed up with him to launch his book in Asia. The book is based on extensive new research, conducted in association with Henley Business School, into the real life experience of leaders from many different walks of life. The Inspired Leader reveals how each of us can discover personal inspiration and experience it more intensely and frequently as our lives unfold.

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