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The copywriting process

Scenario 1 Client sends Copywriter Messaging Matrix in Excel 1.    Receives email advising of attached Messaging Matrix for review 2.    Suspects Messaging Matrix means an Excel document 3.    Sees attachment is an Excel document 4.    Sighs 5.    Opens attachment 6.    Sighs 7.    Eyes hurt looking at the mess of fonts, colours and lines 8.    Squints to read Copy 9.    Presses arrow on keyboard to move across a row 10. Moves across five rows in error 11. Attempts to make Excel document smaller to fit the screen 12. Excel document does not fit the screen 13. Sighs 14. Reviews Copy 15. Hits Return but goes to the box below instead of starting a new paragraph in the box above 16. Sighs 17. Highlights the whole document 18. Presses Ctrl+C 19. Opens Word document 20. Presses Ctrl+V

The spirit of exchange

It was a privilege to be invited to attend an intimate lunch sharing session with the esteemed Ralph Kugler, Chairman at Williams Lea Tag. Without any preconception of what to expect from the exchange, I learnt many valuable insights from the stories and experiences Ralph shared. My knowledge of what creates successful brands and leadership in larger organisations has certainly broadened. What was apparent from Ralph when he described his transition through various roles, was how important listening and being empathetic was, whether this be to the customer or people you are leading. These are both important leadership characteristics for long-term success. I will leave you with excerpts on some of his insights and hopefully like me you gain much inspiration.

CMOs are not conductors

Last Friday I was lucky enough to attend The Marketing Society’s latest Power Hour event, an intimate lunch with Ralph Kugler – a true force within the Marketing industry – as he shared his career journey CMO, to CEO and now Chairman. The room had a diverse mix of leaders from across Hong Kong’s Marketing community from a range of big brands including; HSBC, The New York Times and the Economist.  An inspirational way to end the week – with lively and varied conversation. In between the excellent food and wine three main themes emerged, each with its own learning and advice on how to be a bolder, stronger marketing leader. Brand architecture | Organisational design keeping you close to customers

In-housing programmatic

Programmatic has caused a seismic shift in the digital advertising industry and it is predicted up to 90% of digital display advertising will be traded programmatically in the UK by 2019. This is no surprise given the benefits programmatic advertising can bring in scale and efficiency, yet the technology also comes with potential complications; issues with transparency, brand safety, viewability and fraud have been discussed at length across the industry.

Yaron Jacobs interview

This week we meet the Chief Commercial Officer at Lan Kwai Fong Group. What’s your golden rule? A problem can’t be solved by the same thinking that caused it. How can marketers be braver? Great marketing is not just about promoting the features of a product, it is about adding value to the product by bestowing it with a brand - an identity of meanings and feelings. When considering a bold marketing initiative one has to think about whether this initiative adds value to the consumer’s interaction with the brand. If it does, one should not be afraid to take the risk. What is your most hated business expression? Extended Brief – it’s an oxymoron. What's the biggest risk you've taken in your career? When I left my position as CEO of a global broadcaster to start my own business in the ad-tech field.

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