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Q&A with Luis Di Como

Ahead of our leadership breakfast in Dubai, we caught up with Unilever's Luis Di Como to get his thoughts on leadership and bravery.

Khaled Dubai chair

We are delighted to announce our new Dubai chair - current vice chair and vice president communications Europe, Central Asia, Middle East & Africa at Tetra Pak, Khaled Ismail. Current chair, Asad Rehman director media and digital transformation, Unilever MENA, will step down after two highly successful years. During that time, Asad has played a huge part in growing the Society into the vibrant, flourishing hub it is today, with over 150 members, making it the Society’s number one market outside the UK. Gemma Greaves, chief executive of The Marketing Society said, “I would like to say a big thank you to Asad for his outstanding contribution to the Society over the past two years. Through his leadership, energy, vision and determination we have surpassed all expectations for The Marketing Society in the Middle East. And I am delighted that we have a formidable successor in Khaled, who has been on our board since the beginning. I am confident that he will make a brilliant Chair for us as we move into the next exciting chapter of our global network.”


It’s official! Summer is here. My kids are off school. They have managed to destroy the house, and to be honest, I am in NO mood for marketing. In fact, I am in the mood for UnMarketing. That could be a good thing, right?  Because frankly speaking, in my view, some marketing principles have to change, fast. Someone once said: Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell. And I could not agree more!

3 ads: Micky Tudor

Micky was one of CHI & Partners very first creative hirings in 2002, and his career spans twenty years. Over this time he has won 12 BTAA arrows, eight One Show pencils, six Cannes Lions, two Revolution Gold Awards and a D&AD pencil.  He has created iconic campaigns for brands as diverse as Heineken, Tango, Weetabix, The Times, Anchor, Lexus, TalkTalk, Samsung, and Reebok. He is joint executive creative director at CHI & Partners with Yan Elliot. Micky's choices Miller "Evil beaver" Beginning January 12, 1997, a series of surreal Miller Lite ads, purportedly made by a man named "Dick", began to air. They were hallmarked as such either at the beginning or the end of the commercial. The series of "Dick" commercials was directed by Gerald Casale of the new wave band Devo.

That’s not helpful

We are only human. Because we are only human we don’t always behave in a way which is appropriate. Not only is this true in our social lives, but it is also true in the world of business. ‘Bad’ behaviour becomes very transparent when people need to work together closely in the act of developing fresh thinking and new ideas. This is the time when you really do need to be on ‘best form’, both physically and mentally. It is not helpful to arrive late, leave early or be mentally absent during. The creative process is all about momentum, flow and energy and it is important that all the participants remain as one throughout. You are either in or you are out, but never in between.

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