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We're hiring: Digital

A hungry digital wizard, that's what we need. Come join Team Marketing Society. Reporting to the Digital Manager, this role is an integral and vital part of the digital and content team and split across content curation and creation, social media management and video production. We're looking for someone passionate and keen to make their mark and help the society grow. Responsibilities

We're hiring: Membership

We are looking for a Membership Executive to ensure The Marketing Society continues to grow as the leading global network for senior marketers by developing relationships with our key corporate members and pursuing targeted new business. ROLE Directly account manage 70 corporate accounts Sending them reminders and invoices in a timely fashion and ensuring they are paid on time Drive both individual and corporate membership growth Upsell our professional development programmes to our members KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Membership To account manage 70 of our corporate members (e.g. Starbucks, Disney, McLaren, Twitter and more) through face-to-face meetings, presenting to full marketing teams, phone calls and emails Grow existing accounts to include additional members, event tickets and professional development programmes To oversee the 360 life cycle of a corporate member from prospect to renewal

Inspired Us – July 2018

Canopy Insight list what's inspired them this month, from 12-foot noodles to new film Sorry to Bother You. Lunar Eclipse (event) It was cloudy in most of the UK on the night of July 27th during the total lunar eclipse. But the knowledge that people throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and South America were all pointing their faces (and cameras) at the same moon made us feel part of something huge. See: National Geographic's Best Photos of the Lunar Eclipse.   Murger Hanhan London’s 12-foot noodles (food)

Age: a prickly subject

The Age Fishbowl Age. A prickly, awkward subject, especially for anyone working in the very youth-led marketing and advertising industries. I was 31 when I started working as an advertising creative and I hid my age for years. But recently I realised that lying about my age was not good for me or for the industry. How can we value and utilise older employees if we don’t know they’re there? So, I ‘came out’ and fessed up to being over 50 with an article in Campaign. As a result, I was invited to participate in The Marketing Society’s fishbowl discussion about age. The event took place in the sumptuous Century club. A club with a number. And this is all about numbers. From the tiny 5% of people in our industry who are still there at 50 plus. To the huge number of people leaving their date of birth off their CV’s just to get an interview.

Old people not dinosaurs

How do you write a review for an session where more than 20 people shared their views, at breakneck speed, and all conducted under ‘Chatham House Rules’? With difficulty it would seem. So rather than write a ‘review’, I thought I’d share a 4 thoughts and questions that the session prompted in my mind. So here goes:

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Are you brave enough to be agile?

ITV's first female Chief Executive needs no introduction.

At the Science Museum, with our Annual Dinner at Lord's.

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No more standing by

Let’s talk about bravery. Not mountain climbing. Not parachuting out of a plane. Not bungee jumping, abseiling, marathon running or ironman training. All of which are admirable.


Working women hurdicles

'It’s almost like our brains are wired that way'. Rachel Faber reveals some of the hurdles and obstacles faced by women in the modern workplace.


Is your website helpful?

A recent survey showed that 76% of visitors want a website to be helpful, write Dan Tyre and Todd Hockenberry. Is yours?