Marketing Society Scotland: Talent Exchange

We are delighted to announce the launch an exciting new initiative that has been developed to provide members with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in another sector or discipline within the industry in Scotland.

This experience can help in the development of marketing talent without them having to change employer or leave the country!

The principle of this programme is very simple. If you agree that your organisation will consider taking on one of our members on for an agreed secondment period then you will also be entitled to send a member from your team on a secondment. The specific arrangements of the secondments are to be agreed between the organisations involved.

If you are happy to consider a secondment just let me know at [email protected] and provide the following information;

  • Name of organisation
  • Contact name – to organise secondment
  • Email /phone contact  

Once you are registered to accept a secondment you can also email me for the contact details of other organisations on the programme for you to arrange a secondment.

We would like to thank VisitScotland and DigitasLBi and all the others involved in the development of this important new initiative.