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Streaming live from New York, March 9, 12pm to 1pm


How are the smartest brands measuring performance in the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is here and this new virtual world(s) opens up a whole new playbook for us to learn. But one thing that remains the same is the bottom line, no matter if your reality is virtual, augmented or mixed. From commerce and bots to gaming and NFTs, learn the latest ways brands are measuring their way to success in the Metaverse. 
Join us on Wednesday 9 March, 12pm ET, where our moderator David Rosen, Marketing Society/NY Board Member will be joined by a handful of experts to explore how marketers can measure performance in this new space. 

Our previous events on the Metaverse 

This session will delve deep into the Metaverse. If you're interested in finding more about what the Metaverse is - and what it means for marketers - you can check out an event review from our Singapore Monthly Circle. The article shares highlights from the event, along with key actions brands can take to prepare for virtual success. 

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Streaming live from New York