Star Awards 2023

15 June, 6:30pm to 11pm

Tickets on sale April 2023

What are they?

The Star Awards have been developed in line with The Marketing Society global vision to be the world’s most progressive network of marketers, working together to advance the contribution our profession makes to business and society. This fits perfectly with our local hub vision to build a vibrant marketing community in Scotland renowned for enlightened thinking, innovation and creativity. These awards set the standard for marketing excellence in Scotland.

The theme

The theme this year is 'Wildly Effective Work'. The Star Awards celebrate the most effective work. But with competition so fierce, you need more than good results. You need wild ones.

The team at Guy & Co have done a great job of bringing to life the recognition the our industry today is a different beast - what with hybrid teams, metaverse meetings and AI ads. Just to name a few! But the theme also celebrates how we're all evolving to do great work with a little less in the face of tighter budgets and changing audience landscapes. And crucially, how plucky campaigns still make it in the big, bad world.

So, are you sitting on some killer work? Proud of apex-predator planning? Or got hungry talent to boast about? Go on, tell us.


  • Development
  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Sector
  • Chairman’s
  • Champions 

Gala Dinner

We are so excited to be hosting the Star Awards in Glasgow on Thursday 23 June 2023. Tickets and tables will go on sale April 2023.

Entries close on Tuesday 13 February at 5pm.

All information on categories, judging criteria and entry requirements can be found on our dedicated Star Awards website.

Tickets on sale April 2023