New York Members Roundtable

Streaming live from New York, February 18, 8am to 9am

On February 18 we are bringing all of our New York Members together to reconnect with familiar faces, meet other fellow members and share what you want to see in 2021.

In normal times, you would have had the opportunity to meet new members, connect with our board members and hear the society’s yearly global and local plan and vision face to face. Whilst that may not be possible in 2021 it won't stop us from ensuring that you have your say.

After 2020, we've taken time to reflect and truly consider what we need—in our vibrant network, in our industry and in society. Discover our plans and vision for the year ahead, what we’ve got coming up and most importantly it’s a chance for you to share your own ideas, thoughts and feedback on what you want from the Society.

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Streaming live from New York