Keep Calm and Innovate with Orit Wolf

Streaming live from London, 3 June, 1pm to 2pm

“Do not strive for the perfect balance. The greatest creativity occurs when we let ourselves meet imbalanced moments.” Orit Wolf

Join us as internationally acclaimed pianist, composer and expert consultant Orit Wolf invites us into her studio for lessons on improvisation, creativity and stand-out marketing that consumers remember and value during disruptive times on Wednesday 3 June. This talk is a whistle-stop tour on how to be innovative and part of our regular ‘Keep Calm and…’ webinar series, launched at the start of the pandemic.

To learn more about Orit and how she approaches innovation visit her website and watch her TED Talk.

This session is free for both members and non-members, but you have to register ahead of time. Register below.

Play the key note of your life | Orit Wolf | TEDxTelAviv


Streaming live from London