Empower, a Society publication

EMPOWER, launched June 2019, is a Marketing Society digital publication published exclusively for members and delivered straight to your inbox once a quarter. It is inspired by our evolved purpose, to empower brave leaders. Inside each issue you’ll find content which takes an in-depth view of subjects that really matter to us all, as well as regular perspectives from some of the best brains from our global community - designed to empower you in your everyday life.

How to access
EMPOWER is published on digital content platform, Turtl. As a member, you will automatically have access to each issue, providing you were an active member of the Society when that issue was released. If you are having trouble accessing an issue please email Society Editor, Michael Piggott.

You can also read archive articles from Empower on our website using your normal website login details. Please note: this archive also contains articles from our discontinued print title, Market Leader.

In this first issue we explore the power of ideas; LEGO’s Debs Gerrard discusses AI and robots and why ideas are more important than we think, Genius Steals' Faris Yakob reviews nomadic creativity and author David Wethey delves into idea economics. On page 17, Society chief executive, Gemma Greaves, looks back over the past 60 years to explain why It's time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. We also learn a thing or two from BT's Gavin Patterson.



In this issue, we explore the concept of winning; author Glenn Fisher looks at how we pursue our wildest ideas even in the face of nagging doubt, behavioural psychologist Crawford Hollingworth writes about bravery and the brain and cultural insight expert Natalie Edwards explores toxic positivity and Gemma Greaves talks about her experience of dealing with imposter syndrome. We also ask TSB’s Pete Markey what he’s learned from improv comedy.