How to improve your digital IQ

How to improve your digital IQ

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By Sean Singleton

If you work in Digital Marketing and are ambitious, there is only one sure way to continuingly progress in your career. Improve your digital knowledge!

The more you know about the latest digital technologies, about what campaigns or brands are having the great digital success, how different digital activities can work best together, what the latest retail innovations: the more successful you will be in your career.

So to help you to start to improve your Digital IQ right now, here are my 5 top tips:

  1. Read
    You cannot read enough. Be it blogs, books, email newsletters. Read. Read a lot.
    The level of free resources available online is actually overwhelming but make sure you try to read at least 10 minutes each and every day.  
    I am currently reading Ryan Holiday’s book, Growth Hacker Marketing.
    My favourite marketing blog is Dave Trott’s Blog. More on Dave later!
  2. Watch & listen
    Now I know some of you 'Millennial' types don’t have the attention span required to read books. Well there is no excuse, as there is a huge free resource of great video content out there just waiting for you.
    Challenge yourself to watch 1 TED Talk every day for a month. Sign up to receive a weekly podcast. My current favourite podcast is The Innovation Ramble.
  3. Discuss
    Find a digital marketing buddy to chat with on a regular basis on what your both learnt.  It really helps to discuss, debate and share knowledge. If proves problematic, then start commenting on blogs and on linked groups.
  4. Write
    Write for your company blog or start your blog.  It does not really matter if no one reads it (although it’s nice if they do), it’s the act of writing that is important. It forces to you think about the insight or opinion you want to share and how you can develop this into a coherent argument. The key is write on a regular basis as repetition will help you improve your knowledge and writing skills.
  5. Get out there
    Nothing beats getting out there in the real world. So start attending networking events, conferences, seminars.  
    At Digital Annexe, we run our annual DA University conference. This year is 22nd October and takes place in Shoreditch. And incidentally, we are delighted to have the legend that is Dave Trott speaking. To register your interest please sign up here.

    So take control of your marketing career by taking responsibility of your digital knowledge.

Sean is managing director at Digital Annexe Read more from Sean in our Clubhouse.

Author: The Marketing Society
Posted: 13 Sep 2015
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